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Any one having problem with online music after updating to flyme 6 when i play music it just skip to the next song and so on untill the playlist end and it says oops playback failed

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sounds like it can’t access any of the songs in your playlist, have you tried just listening to a single song not using your playlist.

Same as playing the playlist says the same massage

Hello, I also noticed it, but since Flyme 5… I guessed you cannot access online music when living afar from China. If you’re not Chinese, your country probably :

  1. Prevents access to Chinese websites/servers functionalities.
  2. Forbids online music download…

Problem : the music app needs to access a Chinese server in order to work properly : to play the songs it needs to stream them, which is almost the same as downloading, from a Chinese database probably.

So the only solution I’ve found so far is to have a Chinese Proxy / VPN …
This way, I could listen to / download music from this app, but also from the Search app (when swiping from the bottom in the Home Screen) :D 
Furthermore, for free ;) It might be illegal, but as you’re located in China, thanks to the aforesaid method, it should be alright.

Glad if I could help ! :)

thanks a lot i will revert back to flyme 5 the music app used work and i loved it

@memes90 OK ;)
By the way it never worked for me, even under Flyme 5 …
I hope it’ll work for you ;)

it worked for me for downloading songs and streaming in flyme 5
thanks for the help it should work since the flyme 6 is the chinese version and not global same as flyme 5

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Hello all. i am in Erope and now I use Flyme, music app work. but without streaming and download online songs for me. With song which i donload from PC is OK. My device is Chines/MX5.
Music app stop streaming for me since i upgrade Flyme A, even if i use Open VPN with Koreans servers, like i did before is not possible. It will be great, if some one can shre any solution for this issue.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Same problem for me here, I downgrade my flyme OS to 4 and 5, but no luck. Hopefully someone might have a solution to this…

Meizu m3s

maybe downgrade the music system app?

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