Meizu M5 Note

Hi, I have a Meizu M5 note. Unfortunately it does not have as indicated in the description the LTE band 20 (800 MHz). Also, there is no German language to choose from. Can someone help me. thank you

Have you tried contacting the seller, or Meizu? If they advertise the feature, the mistake is on them.

I emailed Meizu 4 days ago about something else, and haven’t received a reply, just so you know :P

@lanpatrol If you have not solved this already, here is a guide (in Russian, but easy to follow) to install multi languages on the M5 Note. Also the Russian forum 4pda has a large M5 Note section with lots of useful information.

We don’t yet know whether flashing the Global firmware will activate Band 20. Hopefully it is just a software issue and it will work. But there is a chance that the Chinese versions of the M5 Note use different hardware, and so Band 20 won’t be possible.

Hope this helps. I haven’t actually received mine from China yet, how are you enjoying it, aside from the issues mentioned?

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