Rants about Flyme 6

Although I don’t have stability and performance issues with the new Flyme 6 (the Chinese “A” version) as reported by some users, I find the new OS somewhat a step backwards. These are the changes forming my opinion:

  1. No shortcut to settings in the notification shade
  2. No T9 support in the dialer (WTF!!???)
  3. The default keyboard resets to the system keyboard from time to time
  4. Can’t rename my fingerprint scans
  5. Minor bugs, such as having to switch to Chinese for being able to root the phone
  6. No change in base android version, still running on Android 5.1

On the positive side, these are the things that I like:

  1. The fingerprint scanner seems faster and more reliable
  2. A new “smart background” app management option in Security
  3. Some system apps are improved (Security, Calculator, Toolbox)
  4. I guess transitions are improved, making the experience slightly smoother

Those are my thoughts for those considering to upgrade.


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Meizu Pro 6

My phone running on flyme 6. All you have to do is press on the fingerprint name to change the name instead of holding it

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