Flyme OS beta (m1 note)

Better late than never…


Have you already tried it? How does it work?

Tried it, it works quite good, but not ready for daily use in my opinion.

Tried A firmware… On the provided link I’ve found only A firmware version…

I think it s perfect. After update while for 5 minutes like lagging but then it s work as flyme 5. You should try it i dont realize any bug but i cant see accept tick at root permission. You should try it :)

Yes to be one of the first beta version, it works quite well, but I prefer keep Flyme 5 at the moment.

I installed it since 30/12 with clear data.
In my opinion it works great and its fast, so it can be used normally, even if its beta.
Everything is polished and there are some nice new details, as new notifications, new open call floating icon, fast camera focus, etc

Root, exposed work fine too

I already upgraded my Flyme OS Beta. It works good and smooth. I am really glad to see some new trasition. But The major problem, Its not Global version. Its compatible Chinese and also many Chinese language and even “Google Map” also Chinese. If you are a Chinese, You can use it without any hesitated. Thank you very much

There are bugs, not fully translated into English.

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