Flyme OS beta (m2 note)

Just installed this update today, it’s a huge change and i was quite surprised, this is what i noticed from this update

  1. When you reboot your phone it has a black interface instead of the usual white ones (+)

  2. The icons are a bit smaller (+)
    But the folder icon has this white background thing on the title part which i don’t like (-)

  3. They changed how you multi-task, instead swiping left or right to discard background apps now you have to swipe it up and the layout how you scroll through your background apps is also changed, now you have to swipe left & right to scroll through your background apps (-)

It needs getting used to but there’s a new setting so instead of pulling down from the edge to up to see your background apps, now you can swipe from the edge of the right screen to the left for doing your multitask + when you’re on that multitask menu, if you pull the app down it’ll show you 3 options that is blur the app so nobody can see what app you’re opening, lock it (not quite sure what this does) and multi window (+)

  1. They also changed the layout of the notification, now it has 5 rows instead of 4 and there’s also 2 expandable button on the right side of the corner, 1st one so you can change the buttons from the notification section and the second one is for managing your notifications (+).
    but also you can’t access the settings from the notification button again (-)
    but now you when you change the volume you’ll have the access to choose which volume you wanted to change, there’s music, call, and notification volume (+)

  2. Huge appearance changes to lots of apps, and few changes on the settings menu and there’s 3 more new apps are installed from this update and only one of them are Uninstalleble (=)

Overall i like how they changes the home menu smaller, but there’s just so many things that changed, but the most irritating is they change how i used to multi-task & the setting button on the notification section is gone, and most of the apps are in bright white & i just wished there’s a way to change the color.

Guess i need to get used to this and btw i think this update eats more of your battery consumption than the 5.1 version

My previous os G

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Root issue full of bug random hangs slow annoying animations

No in my case I prefer A version as compared G it consumes more battery

I used 5 days but bugs forced me to go back to stable waiting for next update it’s coming mid of jan j guess

Isnt this beta version locked to certain imei?
As far i did understand only Official beta testers gonna get working mobile network band.

@Nils-Beldavs You can go for it it’s Chinese beta for public official

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