FlyMe 3.6 - KitKat 4.4 - Official Update from Meizu France

Hi guys,

I bought my phone 10 days ago,

I really enjoy it and I noticed that there are a lot of Firmware version but not a lot of official one about 4.4 ( only the russian one ? ) for international version.

I started to like the Meizu France Facebook page and I noticed that on the website there is a “download section” with an update for KITKAT 4.4, I downloaded it and i’ve now Flyme OS 3.61 or 3.6l !

So for those interested here is the website :

PS : I don’t have crash when using Google Play, so I didn’t need the fix ! ( YET )


Thanks a lot.I tried to install the official 3.7.3 but I discovered afterwards the zip files has CRC errors… I had the corrupted firmware error… tried to recovery with many other firmwares without success.

What worked for me today, was to reflash using initial firmware (3.5.3) then flash the one you suggested.

It worked perfectly :)

Hello, i installed this firmware but when i checked the version it was written in chineese. So i guess its not an official internationnal version for french mx3. I think there is no point using it. Better use the lastest 3.7.3 internationnal version.

Well, compare to the 3.7.3, you don’t have the fix from google :)

and as I quoted, it has been posted by Meizu France and it comes from an official website.

Just a pity there is no change logs


@LinKx, just for info is an official site too for russia…

Oh great, I wasn’t sure but the thing that it needs a google play fix kinda bothers me to be honest ^^

Thanks for this firmware i never succeed to do the 3.7.3 update but this one saved me from the firmware corrupt error. Thanks. :)

You are welcome,

For having tried 3.7.3 and this one, I have way less bug with this firmware.

  • No need to use a google playstore fix
  • No crash of Chrome

Can’t wait the 4.0 version to be released though … :)

I’m quite happy with this firmware. No issue with Play store (I could not solve the issue with the other - latest - “official” firwmare).
I have found only one bug. When the phone is muted (I mean, I press for 2 seconds the Power button and disable the sound), that seems to mute as well Google Music. To listen to music (using headphones) I have to unmute the phone. This was not present in the original firmware.
I had to update because my Sony watch requires Android 4.4. And this works. Besides of that, I see very little changes between 3.5.3 and 3.6.

Does anybody still have this version? The download link does not work anymore and I need it. Thanks.
(Because I wanted to downgrade to flyme 3 on kitkat, so I downloaded the 3.7.3I version, but that zip file in particular showed “firmware corrupt” and actually got me into a bootloop even though the download was absolutely correct and I double checked.)

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@Rey However, there’s no Flyme 3.6 international version available there. My question was not asked without a good reason. So let me ask again - does anybody still have the 3.6 international version that they could send me, please?


@koglimail please consider the fact that we only uploaded official releases, not distributor based ones.

@Rey I see, that’s why I hoped that somebody still has this 3.6 International version on their disc and could share it with me. There are only two stable international flyme 3 KitKat versions available - the 3.7.3 version, which, sadly, doesn’t work on my device (and I’m not the only one who has this problem, more people in this thread have), and this version from Meizu France.

they are two dev firmwares on Meizufrance : 3.6 i and 3.8i

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