Flyme OS beta (MX4)

Someone managed to install it on I/G phone ?

I tried to downgrade to 4.0.4i but the size of the partition is too small for the

Every other firmware is giving me Firmware Corrupt when I try to update from it.

Any ideas ?

Meizu MX4

@PeScHka I have this update running on a modded MX4 (installed via custom recovery). I assume you are on stock and are trying to update to this by booting phone into recovery and placing the on the recovery drive correct?

Did you try simply tapping on the within the file manager in flyme to initiate the update?

Yes. Correct. But stock .zip cannot be instaled with TWRP. I put and unlocked bootloader. Then loaded the .zip but some verifications errors came. At the end I just reverted back to 4.0.4i and did the tapping magic in the explorer and voala !

Thanks for the hint !

The owners of the I/G models are aways so fucked up when it comes to new updates :(

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Meizu MX4

@PeScHka could you do me a favor and send a screenshot of your phone partitions (using diskinfo app) on flyme 6? There seems to be something odd that I have to confirm…


It looks like system is smaller than it should be …

alt text

Meizu MX4

@PeScHka 0_1484047848027_S70110-12294254.jpg

I repartitioned my phone to be able to get the ubuntu touch system installed on the android version and as you can see its using all the extra space on my end meaning that its not installing everything to /system partition but most probably making symlinks and installing to userdata and system at the same time since the update takes 3.14GB of space which might mean that it would be possible to install ubuntu touch natively in the same manner

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