Flyme OS stable (MX5)

Works fine and run smooth!Root and the new Gadgets also works fine…but were can i find the Changelog in German or English!?

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For me I noticed that the battery drains really fast even with low power mode on, not sure whats going on.
I might just reinstall again.

Here it’s working fine, no battery drains at all, very smooth and fast ROM, but it always keeps losing the “default apps” settings, this is annoying that I need to keep setting up all again all the time. Is there a fix for that?

Hey, there’s my phone update, the Czech corrupt the operating system writes files

I updated mine to a few days ago, it feels more responsive/faster & the new animations are kind of funky.

But, for anyone that hasn’t upgraded yet, they’ve removed settings option in the drag down bar for some bizarre reason.
Worse, they’ve also removed predictive text!

For me big step back. Flyme 5 was modern and smooth designed. I got a feeling, they tooked Flyme 4, they made graphic changes and said - here’s our new 6 version. Why is setting button in notification bar removed and why is missing timer in camera? Same mistakes aa before. Meizu is great cheap phone, but I’m really tired from Flyme.

Version A or G ? Multilanguage ?

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Meizu MX5

This works if you have installed G version? Have english language?

Hello all, i push . but i can not stream music from music app. I tried with Open VPN app (old issue for fixing streaming problems) with South Korean servers, but not luck. Is there some new issue for fixing? Thanks in advance for your help.
PS, with local music, when i download music from PC, music app works just fine!

So, installing this will once again wipe out my Google Play Store, GWS and Google apps?

Hi all, I fix the problem error how Google Play service, thanks

Flyme stable for the MX5!
Can use on G version ?

@MvPGEO Yes have english. but can’t installing Google Service

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