Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)

I wish when you specify you would say NO G yet…save us wasting time looking

There is no root.

![alt text](0_1483709980415_S70106-133356.jpg image url)

Note the location of icons, replace language to the Chinese , come again there and get root.

Still doesn’t work for me :-(…

@andjei It worked Thank you for replying.!

@Helge Try changing system language to Chinese,go to settings/Fingerprint/Root scroll all the way down,tick and reboot.When the root is complete,change back to english language

Meizu Pro 5

Really, very sad. Meizu is so slow for updating the Android.

Meizu Pro 5

Why they put a number of 6 if OS 5.1?

The previous was Flyme 5, the new is Flyme 6.

Meizu Pro 5

Ok, I see.
As my Meizu Pro 5 was Flyme 4, than Flyme 5, now it is Flyme 6.
I got it @andjei

Thank a lot

If I put the A version, I can put the G?

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