Backup, restore and findings

I just got my phone and have a few thoughts.

1. Could only get superuser to work on the A ROM. But after root I got Helium fail anyway :)
2. How to restore Sms? Didn’t find anything about that. Fixed
3. Backup. How do you do backup? Is there a non root app?
4. And I don’t get a settings meny in Google books, and that suck big time. Fixed, installed books for Lollipop.
5. Phone has trouble reaching deep sleep sometimes. I’ll find it tomorrow
6. Phone is prone to reboots. Using firmware A instead.
7. Desktop reset itself, not having a drawer makes it pretty annoying :) Using Nova instead
8. Camera somehow seems to miss focus a tiny bit. Waiting for next firmware.
9. You can’t edit a text, or this text, because you’re not allowed to move the pointer more than once, weird bug.
10. Strange low level zzzzouorp noice when using headphones. It starts directly when starting a music app.
11. The exchange mail don’t work with office365. Fixed. Use Mail Wise or latest Gmail plus Android Exchange instead.

Hi, I’m not able to answer to all question, but there is few elements :
If you need to try another root permission manager, I’d suggest you this : (works perfectly for me)
In 4.0.XA U and C, SMS and MMS are stored on your flyme account, when you install another rom, or wipe your data, when you will connect you again to your flyme account they will be restored. Else, you can certainly save them via Titanium Backup available on the Google Playstore or something like that :)
I don’t know for menu key in Google Books, you can try to install a software like that to see :

Hi and thanks furious.
Superuser from Honda didn’t work until I reinstalled with the A rom, then it was no problem. I normally use helium backup because you don’t need root and still can do titanium stuff on it. I didn’t know you could restore Sms with titanium, so I get to Chinese rom and install it.

And I just noticed that you can’t go back when writing in tapatalk, the pointer just stays where it is. Hilarious [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]

There is an app that can save them if you want : I don’t used it but my brother do :)

Ok. Thanks. I’ll try that one. Titanium has the same trouble as the rest to restore Sms. Because no apps has the right to take over responsibility for Sms none of them can restore sms. What a bizarre bug or function.

Thanks for the tip, that app manage to restore Sms without trying to fool the system it’s a mail klient.

As for me, I used Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android ( )to get data back. Due to the ease-to-use interface, it help recover messages, contacts, photos and video from an Android phone .

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As far as I know, a special designed android file backup app could transfer everything from your phone to computer, if you need you can recover lost data from the backup file.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a special designed android data backup app, it could transfer everything from your phone to computer, and we can also use it to send and receive text messages on computer.

To backup and restore or need to manage your Android phone more effectively, MobiKin Android Assistant is the best choice , it could transfer sms, contacts, photos, etc. to computer in few simple steps, have a try.

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