Meizu MX4 Pro

Recently, the Flyme 6 beta rolled out.
The changed that it brought were minor, if not non-existent.

A few apps got a visual rework, nothing major, just like installing a new theme.

The camera opens up when double pressing the home button, and you cant change that (the options wont work).
It broughta horizontal instead of a vertical recent apps screen (The only reason i am still running Flyme 6).
The android version remained the same (Android 5.1 (released on 2014) on 2017, dear god…)
And the update brought many, many bugs.

First of all, which is so annoying is that it made the battery completely uncalibrated.

The phone will charge very fast to 100% and then you dont know if it is charging or not.
After you plug it out, it drops very slowly up untill 60-70% and then it drops to 0% after 30 seconds.
Sometimes you have 90% and if you reboot you have less than 20%.
I have tried calibrating it with tools on the play store but it didnt do anything.

The Gps is really bad it wont lock in no matter what,

The phone isnt rooted.
I am not going to root it as i cant play certain games on rooted phone.
I am not going to flash another version again, since it wont do anything.
I came from which had the exact same problems (i flashed with clear data option enabled)
Before i came from in which the battery was fine, but the gps was really bad too.

For those that still thing about upgrading from or an older firmware, dont do it…

(I am running flyme on the Meizu MX4 Pro)