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Flyme Extras - Settings Extender


Let me introduce to you all ###Flyme Extras###

What it does?
Lets you access the TTS (Text to Speech) settings to change default TTS engine.

Cos Meizu forgot to put option in the Flyme settings. And many people want it.

Does it require root?
No. It just opens the settings menu for you.

What else?
It shows my name and links to :D

Why is it so basic?
Cos I am not a coder :P

1. Download the apk and install (and install any TTS engine you want; Google TTS is good
2. Use button to enter TTS settings
3. Change default TTS and the settings of the engine
4. If it works comeback and says thanks ;)

Tested on:
MX3 3.7.3A / 4.0.4A
MX4 4.0.3A
MX2 4.0.4A
But should work on other Android 4.4 Meizu / non Meizu devices (lower might also be possible)
Kindly report back if it works.

Free to use but kindly don’t modify my name out of it :P
I take NO responsibility nor any WARRANTY if anything unforseen or unfortunate happens to your device.

1.0 : Initial release
1.1 : Support link and Flyme theme thanks to @HondaRacer


Meizu MX3 32GB HK edition.
If someone helps you use the Like/Thanks button :)


Nice job @GreyGhost! I’m sure many people fiddling around with the TTS settings will find it useful. But I just couldn’t resist to port it to the Flyme UI :angel:

Just send me a PM and i’ll teach you how you can do it yourself, if interested of course.



Thanks for the advice. Version 1.1 is flymified ;)

Incase you get to test it on the MX4 or Flyme 4 on MX3 please let me know if it works cos it does rely a bit on Meizu hopefully not changing the menu internally…

Meizu MX3 32GB HK edition.
If someone helps you use the Like/Thanks button :)


Thank you very much. Default voice was depresaing



works on MX3 with Flyme 4.


Thanks a ton, exactly what I was asking for!! ;)

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perfect, thanks!!!


Thank you a lot greyghost works like a charm and is very useful ;)

Briliant job


work great… nice work !! [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]
If i was you i will add engineer mode button to *#*#3646633#*#* if it possible
Usefull and fun :-)


Thanks!! Could at least use Pico or Google.
I’ve got one problem, since I mainly write in Spanish, but my system settings is in English (and the voice also), every time I write Spanish words, they are underlined (as if they were incorrect or misspelled).

I believe this option to underline mistaken words could be deactivated on standard android os, but I don’t see the option in flyme.

Great work, can enjoy GPS properly :D

Edit: uninstalled lollipop keyboard, that was the problem

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Works like a charm @ MX2 with Flyme


Works perfect in my MX4 running 4.2.1


Works perfectly on Mx4 pro Flyme ver Thank you very much!


Works great on M1 Note. Thank you very much!


Works perfect on flyme 4.5 android 5.0 first release for MX4P aswell.

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