account problem (can't login)

hello everyone, I have a problem with flyme account … can’t login . I have accont and i was login before update him . Next step i reset the pass couple of time and can’t login . After that i switch firmwere . Every time when i try give me, you are already login … you can see on the pic. that is every time when i try before update after that , factory reset , new firmwere ??? please help0_1483518055989_flyme.jpg

I got this problem as well.
Can’t login my real account after rooting my phone and changing the OS.
The only solution is contacting flyme customer service but they asked me about my invoice and I don’t keep it :(
Now I have to stick with OS version to use flyme account

Meizu Pro 5

Did you try entering your phone number instead ?

@addicted2sex I did try it. It still showed that message :(

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