How can flash Meizu m3 note?

How can flash on this phone? i can’t find someone guide or post for internet.

Meizu m3s

The locked bootloader makes flashing the phone meaningless and cause bricks, due to the only thing you can flash is flyme.

hahaha ! the official firmware itself has the scatter and all the files required to flash in sp flash tool ! even so you cant flash it ! unbelievable ! :(

Meizu m3s

Scatter file in the is not in the format for sp flash tool. It only shows partition starting point. You will also need partition sizes to flash with sp flash tool. You will also need a correct auth file to flash the latest meizu models (include the m3 note, and it doesn't exist). You are also missing the recovery.img in the latest for m3 note, and the system.img can be easily extract. More unbelievable, they released the kernel for the m3 note and no one can even flash the device. (

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so there is no way to unbrick or complete reset

Meizu m3s

This is currently impossible if you already bricked your m3 note and cannot access recovery. A complete reset can be done in the system ( cleardata in recovery will not remove userdata)


Please help me to correct scatter file for m3 note ...please becos dead 

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