Meizu MX6 auto focus issue

Few days ago I realize that my three years old iPhone 5s is taking much sharper photos then my new MX6, and I did find focus issue on my MX6 - see attached video and the photos examples
Manuel focus Photo wit manuel focus
Photo with auto focus
photo with auto focus
Screen record video
Did someone else have this problem to, or it’s just my MX6 ?

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Meizu m3s

What firmware are you using?
Meizu phones are not bugless, they made multiple updates about the camera.

·Improved camera stability.
·Fixed a bug causing the phone to take photos automatically after the user long pressed on the view finder screen of the front camera and then switched to the macro mode.
·Fixed absence of GPS icon in the status bar and location information of photos.
·Corrected error with manual metering in certain modes
·Fixed occasional fuzzy screen when returning to beautification preview from front camera in GIF mode.
·Fixed an issue where enabling manual metering in auto mode would cause the camera to switch to another mode.
·Fixed an issue where, after launching Camera from the lock screen and taking a photo, the keyboard wouldn’t pop up when trying to rename the photo.
·Fixed failure to preview videos on the phone after taking panorama photos.
·Fixed unexpected quit of Camera when switching from beautification mode to slow-mo mode.

These improvements doesn’t sound like much…

I’m using the latest firmware version but I’ve had this issue in the previous versions too :(

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@Chikoko hallo i buy two weeks smartphone meizu mx6, and i have big problem with camera, not focusing takes photos and videos very dull poorly

Hello, Nikos-Tserkezidis I did a Bug Report at flymeOS forum You should do the same and hopefully they will do something about that, if not I’m selling my Meizu and getting something better from different manufacture ;)

@Chikoko кирилл вот в чем проблема

Unfortunately I have the same problem. (Auto)focus works sometimes, sometimes everything is blurry!

@wegwolv There are two options, either to change the camera, or disassemble the phone and rotate the camera


thanks for your answer!

that´s a damn shame…

which camera would work? I tried several apps, but none of them seemed to work.

@wegwolvWe need to change the camera,

I ordered

Ok, that´s to much work for me… I sold my MX6 and will get a PRO 6 tomorrow… Thanks anyway!

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