Flyme 6 upgrade in loop when restarting

I did an upgrade to Flyme 6 this morning, and since then my phone has not restarted. It is stuck at the Flyme Start Up screen. I tried the ‘bootloop’ suggestions, but can’t access the phone files from my laptop. Any suggestions???

Meizu m3s

You cannot access phone file if you have not unlock the phone (unlock lockscreen). Which logo are you seeing when bootlooping?
Can you access recovery mode?

It’s the white screen with the blue rotating Flume symbol. It keeps on going until the battery runs flat.

Meizu m3s

Turn off phone
Hold vol up + power
Plug phone into PC
Copy working to phone (drive)
Continue the process on the screen.

If you cannot access recovery you will need to use SP Flash Tool to unbrick your device.

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I have the Flyme 6 on my phone and the startup animation is not the blue flume thing in white screen. So it means you fucked something up.

Basically Flyme 6 doesn’t agree with my phone, and it is not because I f… something up! The so called update didn’t even work once I had reset the factory settings. Anyway, thanks to Scorpiony Knifet’s kind advice, my phone is now working again. :-)

@Scorpiony-Knifet Thanks so much for your kind advice. My phone is working again. Will avoid updating to Flyme 6 for the time being. :-)

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