Auto Brightness Issue

Hey there,

just got a new Pro 6 from today.
My first impressions are really good.

But what kinda drives me crazy:
When “Automatic Brightness” is activated and you use an app with mixed light and dark areas of the screen, the whole screen seems to pump up brightness and or contrast for just a quarter of a sec as soon as something pops up.
Example: You use a dark background in your Whatsapp chat. You’re typing and want to use an emoticon - as soon as you press that smiley button the whole screen changes contrast and brightness for just a sec (especially visible in the upper green area of Whatsapp), because the emoticon field which opened up has a white background. The same happens when you switch back from that white emoticon field to your keyboard.

I could also see this happening in other areas of the phone, f.e. when you slide down the notification center on a white background / app and back again. So it’s not an issue with the keyboard, Whatsapp and so on.

As soon as you turn automatic brightness off, the problem is gone.

Also tried changing the screen mode, “performance” mode and so on.


Many thanks!

I found out this also happens on other Meizu devices. Tested it on a MX6 from a friend.
When “auto brightness” is activated, Flyme seems to also analyze & change the contrast of the displayed
content / images, according to how much white and black is shown on the screen.

It’s more visible on the Pro 6 though, because of its colorful AMOLED screen.
There should be a toggle to switch that off. I would compare it to Sony’s Bravia Engine in Xperia Smartphones, but it doesn’t work as fast in Meizu’s phones, so it’s visible when the contrast and colors are changing for a sec.

But still with some minor flaws like this (and the metal back looks more violet than grey / black in sunlight) - I love my Pro 6.

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