Ota firmware corrupted

I received on my meizu 5 pro the update to flyme 6 OTA but i cannot update because i get the error that is corrupted. Any idea?

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Seem like the link goes to the G version, as Is the beta testing

I have a MX5 and got an normal update for version, and same error occurs Corrupted firmware
Could be that Meizu guys messed up something

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Downloading, will see what going on… Probably need to be modded as all previous beta

@Viliam-Minarovič : can’t be a G… It’s unreleased yet…

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i got the ota update so it is official.

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@El-Jiji Official doesn’t mean your device is legit to apply this update…

Anyway I checked the archive, will publish a unlocked archive later today (currently uploading), that would allows many of us to upgrade

if you dont make it for A and i will need root… for me its not good. :)

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@El-Jiji Ok. Will do it anyway… Note only A available. G didn’t entered beta yet…

@xeon550. Unless you are part of the beta tester, everybody will have the same error message “Firmware corrupt”. Note that it is just the generic error message for Meizu device, and it means nothing special

so this is the beta works? you can see it but you cannot officaly use it? thats so nasty :)

solved. downloaded via PC and copied to the phone+wipe on update. :D

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@El-Jiji So you installed flyme 6 beta, right?

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@El-Jiji i cannot risk installing a beta version. Let us know how it works.

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