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[ TO ADMIN ] Chinese Spammers + Advertising


Recently December 30, we are getting chinese advertisement spamming on our forums. I was looking forward for 16 different unreads but realising they are all advertisements (makes me rage). The following spammers are all NEW users just signed up and are banned (now).

This user zaijzybj06 have spammed 15 post in row for one hour eariler. I have recently banned this user for convicting advertising and spamming, and deleted 15 of his post one by one. Wish i can delete all his post at once, any suggestions on how?

This user rainzhouji have advertised a similar idea as zaijzybj0, also banned.

This user erygdrgter also advertising.

This user erwrdfg06 also advertising, banned while i am writing this post.

Funny this is when looking there ip, each account uses a different ip, maybe they are using a different vpn/ip every time. Each post contains different information making me think the spammer is not a bot.

We should have an anti spam system so a person can only create one new topic per hour (example). Without limiting the amounts of replies.

P.S google translate helps when facing chinese spammers. XD



December 31, Two more Chinese spammers

This user musuxu02 posted 5 advertisements in under 5 min.

This user ggdyy22 posted 5 as well within a hour.

Spammers are getting a bit out of hand. I was wondering if we have a limited of only allow for each member to post 5 posts at a time, due to both members have only posted 5?


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