Missing German Voice in google Maps

Today i used Google Maps and wondering why only English speaking voice came out? No chance to change. I tried all. Any idea?

Try installing “Google” app, you’ll find it in Play Store. It adds Google Search and Now, but you’ll be able to download German voice with it.

I tried it doesn’t work. Only chinese female which speaks English 

Weird, as i could change my language that way…

Which firmware do you have?and international or chineses mx4?

You mean this app? See the picture below.

Yeah, i mean this app.
Then, you install Google Now and in Google Now, you go in Settings than you’ll be able to download german voice.

I’m in Flyme 4.0.3A, Chinese MX4

I did it, but it doesn’t work. Which language do you install?


I dit it for the french language.

@GreyGhost That’s what i am looking for :-) thanks so much


I tried to make it cos lots of people were having trouble with the tts…
Please let me know if it works on mx4 and which version of firmware.


It works on mx4 with 4.0.3A


@'Kleyton said:

This is solucion


Already posted 5 posts above? :P

Haha GreyGhost you’re such a gun! Metaphorically speaking, of course… :P

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