I have a meizu pro 5 , and i bought a leeco le 2 for my wife and onestly i am kind invidious about his phone . That phone have a lot of qualities. Battery is impressive good . The Software very good built. I mean for a smartphone to hold 4 days, with normal ussage, it is something. Like that when you close the screen the battery just freeze , minimum loss .
Design is very beautiful, a well made phone, good quality aluminum. The camera is very good, i think better than meizu pro 5 , or at least the same. So this 21 mp camera is for marketing, is a junk.
Poor stabilisation , le 2 is better in stabilisation , has 8 mp front camera and is very good.
Le 2 avrege sound with jack adater, not tested cdla headphones. Meizu pro 5, know that is one of the best smartphone in Sound , but a pair of good cdla headphones and with dolby atmos probably le 2 equal or maybe outperform the pro 5.
And leeco is half of a price than a pro 5 .
Better score in antutu 96000 .
So i was thinking in the past to buy an leeco. Now that i seen what they make, i never buy again a meizu phone. Leeco win my trust, and meizu dissapointed me. I was thinking beeing a small company meaning is not In the top of smartphone producers will come with a good customer care. Real updates and stuff . Can someone imagine what a phone would be with dolby atmos and Marshmallow never come for this phone, about that Leeco le 2 has android 6 . Meizu launched this year 10 phones, who in earth dou you think will care about pro 5 ? It will be a forgotten phone.