Wich one sould I get?

Hello everybobdy, i dont know where to post this, I’m thinking about buying a new phone, and i really love Meizu phones. It happens that my budget is not ‘‘enough’’ to afford the Pro 6 (I hate 5.5 inches phones :P) so I dont know wich one sould I get, M3S or M5. As far as I have read, M3S does have an international versión, but M5 is running YunOS instead of Android. Any help would be appreciated.

Meizu m3s

I recommend the m3s (using it right now), I thought the m3s only came with the international (g) ROM and the m3 did not. I might need to do more research. The m3s is very decent for it’s price and performance, but it is not bugless. The Flyme firmware and the locked bootloader is a pain in the neck including the removed feature to move app to sdcard (16gb is too small if you are installing large games) and 150 Mbps wifi max speeds (no ac).

Thank you very much Scorpiony Knifet!! My current phone is an Elephone P8000 with Android 6 and is glitchy as heck, so anything new would be an improve. In terms of hardware both have the same processor and internal storage/ram, so both sould be able to run Flyme 6 with Android 7, I’m I wrong?

Meizu m3s

Flyme 6 is still in beta. Meizu may not be a improvement, you should try to update your old phone to latest firmware or custom rom. If you are looking for better phone in terms of software i would suggest to get a phone from a more popular brand.

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