Keyboard and app notification

Hi all,
I have just bought a m3s.
I have a couple of issues:

  1. I have tried with the default and the gboard keyboard, but I cannot make work the auto capitalization. Every time I have to press the shift key, pretty annoying. Is anyone aware of a bug of any kind for that?
  2. Everytime I start typing, I get the notification about selecting the input method. If I press on it, it brings me to a setting where I cannot turn off anyhing. How do I stop that?
    Same if I take a screenshot, I don’t care to get a pop up everytime.
    Also, related to app notification, how do I set Facebook to show just a small number next to the icon and not getting any pop up?
    (Sorry, I am new to android, I was used to windows phone)
    Thanks in advance
Meizu m3s
  1. isn’t double tap shift, caps? i have no problem, using the google keyboard, how are you enabling caps? (right your new to android XD)

  2. you mean the logo of the keyboard on the notification bar? it shows on all android showing the keyboard is on. When i do a screenshot i get a bigger notification, almost 3 times thicker than the notification bar? are you getting that size when using the keyboard?
    Are you using the facebook messenger? i remember it’s a circle that stay onto of the screen that you can move when holding it. when it is enable you get a small number by the circle showing the number of notification.

  1. that is not the point. What I mean is that now I if I want to start a new sentence with a capital letter, I need to press first shift and then the letter, as if I was writing on a computer keyboard. On my old phones, this process was automatic.
  2. yes, I mean the logo of the keyboard. I find annoying that it will pop up everytime for something so silly. Can I get rid of that? 0_1483101325506_S61229-182702.jpg
    If I press on it, that’s the only option I get

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