4.0.2l to 4.0.3A, Bluetooth bug?


My phone is initially on 4.0.2l, I updated it manually to 4.0.3A. Unfortunately, I have problem with Bluetooth to pair with my LG G Watch. It search my watch and 2 seconds later, it disconnected.

Someone have the same problem?

I also cannot connect my Sony SmartBand. But why did you update to 4.0.3A? 4.0.3I is available.

4.0.3A have more option, cloud 1to. I find it more beautiful :p

How well does the cloud service work in Europe? What’s the up and download speed?

Sincerely, I don’t know how it run lol. The upload and download are slow.

Come back to 4.0.3I, same problem, my watch was paired but can’t connect to my phone snif :(

Listening in, my phone is right now i Denmark so it should reach Sweden pretty soon.

I have the 4.0.3A at the moment. No problem at all connecting it to my Moto 360

I have 4.0.3 with Pebble and no problem.

Odesláno z mého MX4

This is a complete stupidity, but I have same problem with inWatch MX4 edition.
I can’t pair it with the app. I have 4.0.4 u firmware.
I can connect it in Bluetooth trust devices list. I even see them in search list in the app, but I can’t pair it with phone.

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