Pro 6 software update problem.

Hello. I have Pro 6 software is
Out my new version, I downloaded it, and can not be installed. I downloaded the new version of the site meizu I entered in the factory settings, climbed update file in the root directory and I get error “firmware corrupt” . I wanted to install the update from the center and from there gives me the same error.

editing ::

  1. restart phone -> upgrade firmware.


What version do you updates?
Another way is updates method is ,

  1. power off

** enter recovery mode: connected with USB.

  1. powr key + volup , press several seconds.

** in PC, you can recovery / folder you can see.

  1. copy to there

  2. select upgrade.

  3. It will show check firmware and if possible updates then progress and update and if not, it will show “firmware corrupt” .

  4. if firmware corrupt shows then you can choose another versions. includes beta. and try it again.

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