How to force stop Meizu Potometer?

As you guys know, Meizu introduced Meizu Potometer which tracks our daily number of steps taken. The one issue it causes is it drains battery life so badly. I lost 10% battery in 3 hours which is caused by that app. Is there a way to force close it?

Meizu Pro 5

@Emperor simply froze the application (from settings or using tools like titanium backup)

Meizu m3s

Interesting, i don’t have this app. Maybe it’s because i’m on a global firmware, what firmware are you on?

Meizu Pro 6

Hmmm, I’m running on my MX4 and I don’t see any such app. I believe this is latest stable A firmware.

Which exact A firmware are you using and where did you get it from? I’m just wondering if you have some app which shouldn’t be there. I have never heard of any Meizu Pedometer app?!

I’m sorry, it’s Meizu Pedometer. I’m running on

open up the map app that comes pre-installed, Hit the more tabs button, scroll down to Pedometer and knock it off from there.

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