When will meizu leave android L in mx4

When will meizu leave android L without flyme in their mobiles.

flyme is nice, but i miss it the menu, applications box… in the mobile.

So please let the users choose what OS system prefer in theirs mobiles.


I don’t know for sure and I’m feeling too lazy to do any research but I think the last (and only?) Meizu device able to run vanilla android was the MX. I don’t believe there will be any vanilla releases in the future, but it’s up to Meizu.

You can try some custom launchers from the Play Store with some extra tweaking to reach the feel of it.

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I think that it will be a Android L for MX4, maybe in 2015, (early 2015 if we are lucky because porting a ROM that will work “out of the box” in China for other countries is very complicated because of Internet Restrictions and here, especially Google Services) but with Flyme UI, like Samanen, I don’t think they’ll release a vanilla L

They(meizu) said some days ago in a Facebook post, that google hasn’t yet release the sources for the android L version… so they are planning to do a L version of flyme but i suppose not aosp option.

according to the review done by frandroid ( https://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.frandroid.com%2Factualites-generales%2F249361_test-du-honor-6&edit-text= ) the Honor 6 should go under Lollipop by January, it would be a shame if Meizu would not be in the wake of the Huawei or OnePlusOne which are starting to make a name in the market

No infos about it ?


You do realise that android L hasn’t even been released yet right?

And I wouldn’t expect it “soon” either especially for the mx4 cos that would depend upon mediatek releasing a compatible kernel for their processor to meizu. And well mtk history for timely updates is less than spectacular…

I would personally not jump into lollipop anyway due to lack of xposed and troubles with root etc…

But you never know what might happen tomorrow right? :P

If they add the cloud service for the international firmware, improve the battery life and the camera quality it’s OK with me :D;):P


Meizu seems to be up to something with lollipop source… This is off the Flyme weibo…

If someone can translate this:


Nice, let’s see what’s going to happen

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