voiding warranty?

i have a question,
if i root my Meizu M3Note ,could that voiding my warranty ?
and if i root my phone and after unroot, nothing change about warranty ?
Thank you for your answers.
(sorry about my English, i’m french)

Meizu put the “root permission” in the settings. This means, that the use of this option (root), is not the reason for losing the warranty. However, if you do root using, for example, Kingroot, that would be the reason for voiding the warranty.

but in the “root permisson” it’s say :
“i forfeit Meizu Warranty Service for this mobile phone , and agree that Meizu will be free from any liability for any risk and consequnces arising from the use of the open system priivileges and functions”

Meizu m3s

Rooting will cause problems such as bricking the devices. I am not sure if meizu keeps track if you rooted your device, even after noticing you have to sign in using a flyme account to root. I still don’t know if the service centers will even get information about your device (they provide bad service). And in fastboot, there is a variable for warranty = “yes” even after rooting the device, making me think that you would only lose your warranty if you unlocked the bootloader. After all i don’t care about the warranty as i personally think that rooting the device to enable different features is worth risking to lose the warranty.

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