German Meizu mx6 : update doesn't work

Hey guys,
i just bought the mx6 and of course i wanted to update it, but it doesn’t work…
Thank you for your help!

Maybe you can have a look at this :

I guess you have a Chinese model like me…
If you want to use the device in English, maybe you can switch to the Chinese firmware, which is available in English.
If not, I think it will be quite more complicated.

i rooted the device and know it works perfectly, but i have one problem with the keyboard… the meizu keyboard is not available, only the google one… do you know how i can switch it?
Thank you so much
Merry Christmas

Don’t they use the TouchPal keyboard ? Maybe you can donwload it from the store.

In the chinese version, I did the opposite. The Meizu keyboard was always defaulted to English, so I installed Google keyboard…

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