Flyme OS stable (m2 note)

·Added Cloud sync services

·Added Forum App(Please clear user data for this app to be available.)

·Added support of multiwindow for Play Store.
·Refined system translations.
·Fixed screen display errors for Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian versions.(Right to Left)
·Fixed occasional disconnection from cellular network when pulling down the notification shade.
·Fixed unexpected quit when tapping SIMs and Networks in Settings with no SIM card inserted.
·Fixed failure to switch between background apps by sliding left or right on SmartTouch when the phone was in guest mode.
·Fixed unresponsive toggles in the notification shade.
·Improved display of notifications on lock screen to make them easier to read.
·Cant update or install apps example: 9gag
·Blank rectangle box in bottom of Snapchat App
·Fixed a guest mode bug causing the Home screen to flash on and off occasionally after the screen was turned off or went off automatically.
·Fixed occasional network disconnection when pulling down the notification shade, with the “Data” toggle greyed out and network information absent in the status bar.

·Improved camera stability.
·Fixed a bug causing the phone to take photos automatically after the user long pressed on the view finder screen of the front camera and then switched to the macro mode.
·Fixed absence of GPS icon in the status bar and location information of photos.
·Corrected error with manual metering in certain modes
·Fixed occasional fuzzy screen when returning to beautification preview from front camera in GIF mode.
·Fixed an issue where enabling manual metering in auto mode would cause the camera to switch to another mode.
·Fixed an issue where, after launching Camera from the lock screen and taking a photo, the keyboard wouldn’t pop up when trying to rename the photo.
·Fixed failure to preview videos on the phone after taking panorama photos.
·Fixed unexpected quit of Camera when switching from beautification mode to slow-mo mode.

·Fixed an issue where toggling “mute” on and back off during a phone call would end the call.
·Fixed unexpected quit after adding a contact with special characters in his or her name from call logs.
·Fixed an issue where locking the screen during a phone call would hang up the call when the phone was in guest mode.
·Fixed unexpected quit when opening a contact with special characters in the name.

·Fixed incomplete display of themes and wallpapers in the first line in Settings.
·Fixed an occasional issue where Chinese messages were pushed by mistake.

·Fixed failure to view the content of certain messages.
·Fixed failure to load attachments to emails

·Fixed occasional quit when tapping to open Data Management.

·Fixed lagging when moving a photo on the wallpaper preview screen to set it as wallpaper.

·Fixed failure to install GMS
·Fixed unexpected quit of Citibank on the Indian version
·Fixed occasional failure to download apps from Play Store
·Fixed unexpected quit when long pressing an email address in a Skype message

Flyme OS

Hey, I’ve been using the A version and installed this G version, i didn’t thought it would work but yeay, now my phone is the latest stable G version, soo happy now but yeah, there’s a lot of useful features from the A version that makes it more outstanding that’s gone on the G version

Like you no longer can stream music on the music app, no longer available to changed the font, and other more

Your m2 note is chinese version?

@DewaK How did you do that ? Because for me it didn’t work

how can you go from 5.1.12a to 5.1.12g?

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Where to find 5.1.12A?

@heleuthe after you download the update, move it into your phone (not in a folder)

@sebah yes, i was using the 5.1.10 A version

@Hummer i think that for now, it’s only available for the G version

Please, is somehow possible turn off all the Chinese MEIZU notifications about games, market etc…? I don’t even speak Chinese (stable global ROM . It’s really bothering.

Please read my other opinions about the ROM here in meizu forum. Hopefully, you will consider to involve some of them in next builds.

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Hey @brancooo,

thanks for the share. However I am deeply sorry to tell you that we aren’t an official forum. Instead we are a fan community, which is not affiliated with Meizu.

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