back button phantom press

Hi everybody, i have a very annoying issue since some days. I dont know why, but back button suddendly started to press itself randomly, just like random hits, and this means it keeps on going back, making it quite unusable (as an example, i open facebook app and it exits, or i search something on google and it goes back to previous page).
I’ve tried some solutions to disable back button software side, like acting on build.prop or on generic.xl, but nothing changed. Before i open it to detach it from motherboard, is there anything i could do?

Meizu m3s

Flyme tool app can disable the home button and change the bind, but you will need to install xposed first, but I can 't guarantee that it will supports your device.

Did this work? I have exactly the same problem. Really annoying.
If it worked can you eleborate a bit more on it? I don’t really understand what you mean scorpiony knifet? Thanks in advance!

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