Google Now issue with Pro 6

Hello everyone,
I have an issue with my new Pro 6. As soon as I bought it, I replaced immediately the custom launcher with the Google one (Google Now Launcher).
My aim is to activate the “Everywhere Search” of Google Now.
However, it seems that for Meizu Pro 6 is impossible to do. In fact, Google Now answer to “Ok Google!” only if I say it when I’m on the home page. On other screens, it doesn’t work.
How can I make it work?
Other problem I encountered is about the “Google Search from screen”: I cannot enable it anymore… I don’t now why and I swear: two months ago it worked.
Plase help me!!!
Thanks for all your answers

Meizu Pro 6

@Alessandro-Gagliani I just tried with Pixel Launcher and Google Now voice search worked from from all the homescreens on my Pro 6 running international firmware.

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I have tried to install Pixel Launcher, but with it I cannot talk to Google even in the home page…

Meizu Pro 6

@Alessandro-Gagliani In order to get full functionality, I installed Pixel Launcher as a system app as mentioned here:

Maybe this enables the Google Now voice search as well?

It doesn’t work for me :(
I am italian and I have my language all set on “Italian Language” with “English (US) and English (UK)” as secondary languages. Could this create problems?

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