fingerprint problem

Hi,everyone,i have meizu m3s,i can activere fingerprint,i scanner begin to scan But no finish the process,i neeeed help

Meizu m3s

Place your finger once wait for vibrate, lift it up, and do it again. Keep going until the border around is filled up, it will close automatically. Max fingerprint is 5.

But,there is no vibration,and it continues to scan,and the both phone are the same

Meizu m3s

Are you placing your finger correctly on the finger scanner (home button) and lightly ontop (do not click), reposition it, try different finger. If none works, update the firmware, might fix.

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But,they are with the last firm

Meizu m3s

Maybe your fingers are physically unable to be scanned.

But my frieds try too, with the both,the same problem


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Meizu m3s

Sry, it was a joke, I could not believe how it does not work, are you sure you placed your finger on the finger scanner (the home button not the screen) because I have not seen anyone with the problem before.

If you give me email i wil send you video,pr to put it in utube

Hi,again, i find many other people with the same problem

Many people complain from this because MANY phones are sold DEFECT. I bet you bought your phone from aliexpress. I had the same problem and i contacted Meizu official representative. They told me aliexpress is not official reseller so no warranty for the phone. I wrote to the seller from aliexpress and he told me to update firmware to fix the problem, but the firmware doesnt want to update. I download the latest and it dont install. No idea why. I think its something with the bootloader which is chinese…
So i think the only fix is to order a new home/fingerprint button with sensor and replace it.
Shame na MEIZu for that. Im sure thousands of meizu phones are sold in aliexpress … many with defects

My mBack button is not working either but until I manage to fix it I have found a way to go back through ¨Smart Touch ¨( under Accessibility in the config menu ) . You just have to set it to “on” and choose bellow under "Characteristics " the first option " Back " . Believe this is better than waisting your time reinstalling new Firmware ,etc. Of course If I manage to fix my mBack button I will let you know ! Regards

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