Disconnecting often and slow connection via 3G MOBILE DATA

Hi guys, i have a big problem with mobile data connection (3G/4G) in my MEIZU M3 Note. connection getting disconnect often and in the remaining case, i have very slow connection…
I tried my SIM CARD in other phone (galaxy j5)… It was very fast and uninterrupted connectivity in the same location…
Please can anyone guide me what should i do
I bought this phone because of 3g/g4 connection by mobile data and now i`m completely disappointed …

Meizu m3s

Give us more information

  • which firmware?
  • which sim slot are you using? known problems about sim 2.
  • who is your provider and what standards? eg. 4G FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7

Im using slot 1 as network connection & slot 2 for calling Im in Iran (provider: RIGHTEL) and standard is 4g&3g
thank you so much in advance

Meizu m3s

After looking at your firmware version, I would suggest you to update to the latest version (plenty of guides about updating in the forum, look there) . I have heard about 3g problems in the past I think meizu may have fixed it.

thank you so much…
I tried to upgrade my firmware by the phone , but it says "your version is latest"
I think that , i should upgrade it manually to

I’ve updated my phone to the latest version (
After that I reset the phone to factory setting,
Now connection speed is Great, but unfortunately Frequent disconnection still remains…

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