[Q-A] problem with flyme account + connection with PC

I have a problem with flyme account
when i upgrade the phone to 5.1.11 G or 5.1.10 G
when i access to the account freezes
and i can’t make the sync

  • in flyme 5.1.2G i can access and make the sync but just in the mzaccount.apk version 5.0 red one
    ( i have install mzaccount.apk the bleu one version 6.0 and red one 6.2.5 still the same problem)
    i tried to install the mzaccount.apk version 5.0 red one in flyme 5.1.11G but i can’t install
    he tell me
    you can’t downgrade

when i connect the pro5 with PC never show in my PC
even with option
connect as : media device(MTP)

any solution please


Meizu m3s

you can downgrade using the recovery option and flashing the update.zip of your desired firmware ver. I suggest you to make a clean install through recovery. To connect a meizu device to pc you will need to install drivers, you can find drivers by connect as: Build-in CD-ROM or online.

thx for the answer
i can’t downgrade the app mzaccount.apk from version 6.2 to 5.0
in the flyme 5.1.11G

can i make the recovery option for this app

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Meizu m3s

There is three ways of accessing recovery.

  1. Easy - power on with key combination: volume up and power key.

  2. Normal- have root and download Quick Reboot from google play and click reboot recovery

  3. Harder - install adb, and enable usb debugging, plug phone to pc and type “adb reboot recovery”

suggest to use method 1, the others are there for reference.

Meizu m3s

by downgrading mzaccount.apk, you will first need to remove it as system app, using root, the downgrade method through recovery only works with downgrading firmware.

i tried to remove it as system app
but i can’t
i used many ways many apps
i don’t know the correct way

Meizu m3s

Have you root your phone yet?

if you mean root permission
another thing no

Meizu m3s

It might not be mzaccount.apk problem, i would suggest you to download https://downloads.meizufans.eu/?dir=pro5/firmware/stable/ and try reinstalling the update through recovery, because i don’t think anyone else is getting this bug.

i have tried to install this version
but when i done i found the mzaccount.apk version 5.0 gone
and i find the new one of mzaccount version 6.0 which the account freezes and i can’t make the sync

when i update the flyme i always use the method 1
and always i make clear all data

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