M1 note got lost
m1 note

Hi guys blessed day, my m1 note just got lost and been out of reach, i tried to locate using the phone finder and even on finder@flyme.com and still nothing is showing up is there any other possible way to locate my phone or even lock the system. Any reply will be highl appreciated. Godbless

Meizu m3s

"If your device had the Google Device Manager installed it is possible to trace it down. However, for that you need to give permissions to the app once. Nonetheless it is not possible to track your device without a Flyme device over the phone finder app provided by Meizu.

As a general suggestion I advise you to unbind your account and call your provider to block the card. Otherwise charges might occur on your name."
Quote from Rey on another post about lost meizu.

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m1 note

I have my flyme account logged in. I also tried ADM yet my lost phone’s location is off and it seems as well that the who got my phone is not connecting it to any wlan.
May i just ask is the phone finder feature is still on flyme5.1.11.0?
Thank you for your reply😇

Meizu m3s

I just tried the phone finder by meizu, the app is available from playstore, the app seems useless unless your phone is connected to the internet. I do not believe finding your meizu through software is really a option. You should try finding it through surveillance and calling.

Meizu m3s

Locking the meizu system is not possible if your phone is not connect to internet or turned on, as I quoted locking your Google accounts and Flyme. If you have a password/pin set, it is not possible for anyone to access your personal data, only be able to reset the phone.

m1 note

Orayt sir that made me clear some things, so once my lost phone connects to the internet it will be possible for me lock the phone on finder.flyme.com. sir thank you for your reply, highly appreciated. Godbless

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