CNET Meizu MX4 review

CNET Meizu MX4 review

Here is another review

It looks like he didn’t get the octa quite right, I thought true octa could use big + Little at the same time (sure don’t help the battery though : ) . 4.0 is the first firmware, right?

Phone Arena has the battery as good and this review takes the opposite road.

You guys/girls that has had the phone a couple of firmware version, has the camera gotten better for each version?


Nice review…
People just don’t seem to know that swipe up from the home button is back gesture unless it changed in flyme 4(this is in regards to tge whatsapp camera bug he mentioned)

But seems flyme 4 needs quite a bit of polishing… If Meizu fixes and optimises flyme quickly in a month or two it will do a great deal for its brand image I feel…

Honestly… When I was reading this article I was thinking more and more that it has been bought by the meizu competitors ;o it is not even 10% as bad as shown in the article


Well everyone has different needs and expectations of their devices and well… Sometimes it shows in the review of their experience with the device…
I don’t have a mx4 to comment how much accurate the review is… But something like the keyboard have always been a weak spot for flyme…

I personally like GSMarena and engadget reviews. They are more in depth imo…


A review is just an opinion, not the truth. As GG stated everyones needs and likings differ. I like to say: There’s beauty in everything but likings vary :D

Though, I’ll have to say, that I have hardly seen one “real” review of any Meizu phone I’ve had so far. By this I mean than most of the reviewers’ stereotypes/suspicions towards unknown Chinese manufacturers (Meizu) shine through their text, and is clearly visible in many videos. They never really bothered to USE the phone and get to know to the features of it (ones they mistakenly tell are missing, like the back button), maybe they just wanted to quickly cover some footage of the phone, to be the first, and/or to attract attention. It’s sad how often money and attention are the priorities.

I normally read most reviews I can find before I’ve got the phone. A mix of reviews and forums normally is about my own go feelings after I have laid hands on a phone myself.

Most review (they start to sum up) have been kinder but most people seems to feel that the software still is in beta. Even the Chinese forums is pretty hard on the software.

I really look forward to get the phone myself, it can only be better :)

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