What could be better m3 metal or m3s?

Hi. I’m thinking to buy a meizu phone. However, I heard some problem with it. I started to became interested with the phone due to its very good camera features according to some reviews. Which do you think is good and reliable when it comes to camera and battery? The m3s or m3 metal? Also, when I buy intl meizu phone is it really no Chinese app in it? It could be annoying to have Chinese apps that you cannot uninstall and understand. Thanks you.

Meizu m3s

I thought the m3 is sold only in china and the m3s is sold globally. m3 (in my understanding) has no playstore and only chinese, and the m3s is multi language. I also noticed that the m3s has larger battery than m3, but causing it to be thicker and heavier. There is no way you can get no chinese apps on meizu device unless you remove them with root, or wait for a custom firmware and a unlocked bootloader. I would suggest the m3s personally.

Meizu m3s

after some research, i do not know if a m3 metal exist? i have only have results of meizu metal or meizu m3. meizu metal is 5.5 inch and m3 is 5 inch which one are you talking about?

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