Sice i needed a Xiaomi account for the Mi Band and to download the english app for it, im visiting the english Xiaomi forum each day.
Its quite entertaining there but the overview is kinda chaotic.

Every time you post u get experience, if u do a poll u get some also.
With it you can download Forum attachments. There are also some Medals you can win or earn by parcipating in some posts.
Sometimes you can also win Mi credits, i think with them you can buy themes, ringtones and other stuff for your Xiaomi phone.
Its also a lot of activity. When i look on Meizus offical english forum its not very active.

Maybe you can also implent some of this things on this onoffical one.

We could implement this ‘Experience’ feature, but we refuse to do so. Instead, we believe in “Open for all”. Even unregistered users can freely download attachments. As a result, Meizufans is nicely organized and useless posts (the so called “Thank you” posts) are almost non-existent on Meizufans.

But I miss the thanks button :)

@zztop007 last time I checked there really was a like button :)


Not in tapatalk what I can see?
At least not on Lollipop preview :)


Nope, since it is not a stock myBB feature and so Tapatalk can’t use it. Actually I don’t use Tapatalk a lot, because I want to support my site.

Ahh. That explains it. I’ll give you loads hits with a browser instead. Thanks :)


Slightly offtopic (didn’t want to startup another thread for it):
@AOKP, @HondaRacer,
Is it only me or does the ‘Like’ button not appear for threads under under the MX4 subforums like ones under ‘MX 4 News’ or ‘MX 4 Firmware’…
whereas it seems to appear up just fine everywhere else even the MX4 main…

@GreyGhost thank you for mentioning this bug. It’s fixed now ;)

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