Help- Meizu m2 mini (international version) goes constant bootloop with meizu logo and little vibration..Only fastboot is working.. Please help me how to solve

Help- Meizu m2 mini (international version) goes constant bootloop with meizu logo and little vibration…Only fastboot is working… Please help me how to solve

Meizu m3s

Did you unlock your bootloader?
Can you access recovery?
What caused you to brick the phone?
Have you tried SP flash tools?

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@salman.ecti Unlock your bootloader, then flash twrp, you can find it here or on, just google meizu m2 mini 4pda, after that install your rom, you can install stock or even a custom one from 4pda, there are a couple of joices.

i have the same problem as the author, and unfortunately , i didnt able to unlocked my bootloader, fastboot mode is only accessible… prior to that we dont have meizu service center here in the Philippines :( can anyone help me to fix this problem?

Meizu MX4

@Pangilinan-Dino Are you on 4.5.4? Sry for taking so long to respond, I was a bit busy.

My phone is working but ,apps are not installing and there is no recovery in it
How can i update to latest version of flyme now u m on 6.6.12 flyme

Meizu m3s

You should install stock recovery.img through flashfly or "DD" command. Then reboot to recovery to update.

In my phone apps are not installing ,i also try to flash using adb driver and some other apps through pc but it fails ,somebody told me to flash stock rom ,is it right,if is it than plz tell me how can i flash stock rom

Meizu m2

@abhigupta this is post about bootloader and bricked phone, create new post if u want to talk about your problem. btw, Here u are, there are 2 ways possible.

  1. Using your phone
  • go to meizufans
  • go to firmwares
  • find stable one for ur device i think its or somethink like that for meizu m2
  • download it with ur phone
  • find it in ur file browser and install it
    ***make sure you checked delete all data so you are safe from bootloop
  1. Using your pc (only if ur official or 3rd party recovery is working)
  • same as in the phone download firmware using meizufans but using PC
  • reboot ur phone into recovery (volume up/down + power button)
  • press firmware upgrade even if you don’t have firmware on ur phone
  • it should say firmware corrupted or firmware not found
  • while you are on that screen connect ur phone via usb cable to your PC
  • in "My Computer" where you have local disk C and D you should get new partition called "Recovery"
  • put the firmware downloaded on ur PC to that partition
  • when it succesfully coppies go on ur phone
  • press retry
  • it should find your firmware
    ***make sure you have checked erase all data…i think it won’t touch your songs and photos
    Good luck😉😉
Meizu m2

Hello guys I use meizu m2 work on fly me 4.5.4I i m confused that I means indian or international version because I try for update flyme 5.1.1 G or meny steable or beta version but after download from official flyme form tap on file device display firmware corrupt in recovery mode how can I update my pone flyme firmware

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