Help meizu m3 without play store or google account


I updated my meizu m3 to the new flyme 5.1.11y but now i cant install play store and google account, i tried to downgrade to 5.1.3g but i didnt let me. Like it is now, i can´t use my phone for nothing, since its all in chinese bloatware, what can i do to pass this?


How did you upgrade to YunOS? Usually this should be restricted, if you own a global device.

Sorry for the mistake…it had the flyme 5.1.4y from the start. Now i cant install Google account or play store, van you help me?

Other thing, in the version 5.1.4y you could do the root? Because in this it wont allow it

Thanks again for the help

Meizu m3s

to get the root setting i believe you need to login to flyme, and how are you installing google play? don’t you have it in app store?

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