Meizu EP51 paired to my android ph but no sound

Hi I got my Meizu EP51 about a month ago and use it with my HTC M9u phone.
It was going fine and then it was having a couple of issues where it suddenly not have sound but I was able to fix by re-pairing or restarting phone. And then it happened again but this time I couldn’t get it to work again despite several re-pairing and restarting.
I thought I needed to return it cos it’s broken but then it still works when I pair it with other phone and my laptop.
When I pair it with my phone - it connects via bluetooth but just have no sound. It can even tell when I’m on max volume because it beeps if I try to up the volume more. When I pair with other device it works perfectly.
Anyone experiences this or know anything I can try to make it work? Kinda useless unfortunately if it doesn’t work with my phone. Otherwise I really liked it.
Many thanks.

Meizu m3s

Try the looking for HTC forum, I don’t think we can help you.

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