Meizu m3s help me please

Hi all. i really love my new phone but there is problem bothering me. Can any one help me fix (if there is any) the problems of my meizu m3s phone.

  1. Speaker of the left is weaker than on the right side
  2. I cant find the SIM toolkit
  3. Lag performance of Great Boulder of Distruction.apk game
  4. Google Map jumping compass pointer

I am using Flyme upgraded to Flyme

Meizu m3s

Is these problems happening before update or after? If after, backup and clear data.

Same. That is why i upgraded to the current version. Still the issue exist

Meizu m3s

I have none of these problem with mine, 2+3 sounds like software, meizu has been released 20 phones this year, you can’t really expect them to be bugless. Problem 1+4 sounds like hardware, you can try get a replacement, or try a phone of another brand.

I also have the same problem. Then now I have another problem, my SD card can’t be detected on my phone storage. It really doesn’t appear on the folder’s list. I don’t know if it’s the phone but I’m pretty sad about this now. I also wanna know h ow were you able to upgrade your phone from to Flyme I’ve been pressing update but it only says my phone is up to date.

PS: Not an IT expert

Hi renato.

I dont have problem with sd card. May be you formatted for sd card to NTFS. SD card should be FAT32 formated. The same problem with your upgrade process. Clicking update will always say upto date. I use the flashing method to upgrade to Flyeme

Step 1: Download update from flymeos/firmware
Step 2: Turn off not restart Phone
Step 3: Long press vol up + power (release until meizu text appear)
Step 4: Wait until you are on recovery option of meizu. Connect Phone to PC and copy to Phone. (F:\Recovery)
Step 5: Select update from zip
Step 6: Click Start

*NOTE upgrading without resetting make phone lag.
*NOTE I dont find any system improvement after upgrading to flyme It doesnt fix the bugs :(

Please some1 help me…i am only having a call related problem…in which i m not able to hear what the other person is speaking…bt when im using my earplug or headphone i can hear them chearly…bt without headphones im not able to hear a single thing…bt sometimes if i give a blow of air to my upper speaker den i can hear some little things…!!!please help

Meizu m3s

Sounds like hardware problem, maybe the speaker is blown or damaged in manufacture progress. Have you tried speaker phone? You might need to replace the speakers on the top.

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