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[HOW-TO] Make your own scatter for Meizu Devices MT67XX
Meizu m3s

I found a way to read the partition sizes for MT67XX and found a way to create your own scatters for SP Flash Tools


WHY THIS GUIDE? Because MTK Droid Tool Does not work with Meizu MT67XX

What do I need?

  • Template of Meizu Device Scatter (to save time get Scatter for your
  • chipset, but different layout)
  • Any for Your Device.
  • Notepad ++ or alternative
  • The Meizu phone that you need scatter
  • Fastboot.exe (adb optional.) + phone usb cable.
  • Most Important, TIME

Get Ready

  • Extract
  • Open Template Android_scatter.txt, rename to MT67XX_Android_scatter.txt (replace XX)
  • Boot phone into Bootloader (fastboot) either by “adb reboot bootloader” or power on with volume down.
  • Plug phone into PC, download driver “fastboot devices” make sure your device is there.

Step One

  • Open Template with Notepad++
    EDIT: italic words.
    • general: MTK_PLATFORM_CFG
    • config_version: V1.1.2
      platform: MT67XX
      project: Meizu_MT67XX
      storage: EMMC
      boot_channel: MSDC_0
      block_size: 0x20000

REPLACE XX to your chipset number, eg MT6750, MT6795T…

Step Two

  • Open scatter.txt in

             *preloader 0x0*
             pgpt 0x0
             recovery 0x8000
             para 0x1e08000
             custom 0x1e88000
             devinfo 0x21e88000

On Computer with Phone plugged in and in bootloader
Type “fastboot getvar all”
(bootloader) partition-size:preloader: 40000
(bootloader) partition-type:preloader: raw data

Step Three

Example of a section

   - partition_index: SYS0
     partition_name: *preloader*		//look at the scatter.txt
     file_name: preloader.bin		        //look in the, rename preloader_XX.bin
     is_download: true			        #
     type: SV5_BL_BIN			        #
     linear_start_addr: *0x0*		        //look in scatter.txt and copy the value shown on top.
     physical_start_addr: *0x0*		        //Same value on scatter.txt
     partition_size: *0x40000*		        //Fastboot shows partition size, copy it.
     region: EMMC_BOOT_1		        #
     storage: HW_STORAGE_EMMC         #
     boundary_check: true	   	        #
     is_reserved: false			        #
     operation_type: BOOTLOADERS	#	

Step Four

Places where i have placed a # instead of //
Base these setting on a Meizu Scatter, by the Partition_name,
e.g. all preloaders are type SV5_BL_BIN
Places without # or //, leave as it is. E.g reserve: 0x00

is_upgradable: true
empty_boot_needed: false
You can remove them, you do not need them.



Post Your Very Own Scatter Here!
Help the community and create scatters for your meizu device.


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Would be nice, if you could integrate the guide into your post, but nonetheless it is very nicely done.
Especially considering that scatter files are quite important to unbrick a MediaTek based device.

If you wish I can make your second topic a sticky. Just message me and I will happily do so.

Meizu m3s

I will edit the post once I get on a computer, cheers.

Edit: Done, a bit harder to read

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