meizu never again

i installed the last rom from meizufans, Flyme OS daily (Pro 5)

this is the last time i buy a meizu device, i will sell my pro 5 and buy a one plus 3

flyme 6 is almost the same like flyme 5, no major diferences



flyme is so BAD system that even oficial meizu developers are with problems to make update to 6.0 or nougat

meizu never again

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good things:
finally youtube links open in youtube
security app is better and more easy
maye sound is more louder
maybe the flyme is a little faster

still same bugs:

pictures donwloaded dont appear in gallery
flash always desactivated

Meizu Pro 5

You may need to buy the latest iPhone then… Or keep away from beta

This kind of subject is making me think of never sharing beta builds again… And that’s exactly why meizu keeps it at closed availability… People complaining about unfinished work thinking they could have done better…

This subject is totally useless… It’s better register to official Meizu Forum, and report bugs … Even so they don’t really correct bugs quickly… Here is only a fan club nothing more

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best phone i ever had in terms of hardware

worst phone in terms of software

goodbye meizu , i bought a one plus 3

decent hardware and software

just bought one plus 3

diference from meizu pro 5 is abismal

not because of snapdragon 820 or 6gb of ram


not a crap flyme 5, or even flyme 6 that will be more of the same

for people here, just try 7.1 nougat rom in xda made by faust93 for pro 5, rom have some problems especially in conpatibility of apps ( especially games), BUT ITS SUPER FAST AND SMOOTH, PRO 5 LOOKS LIKE A DIFERENT PHONE

had mx4, had mx4 pro, had pro 5

but goodbye forever meizu

@eheheh How did you do to install cyanogenmod in your Pro 5?


go to xda section of meizu pro 5

you have there all y need

you need to unlock bl, flash recovery, and install custom rom

@eheheh Thank you, is there a ROM you can recommend? As far as I know Cyanogenmod will die on december 31


you have 3 custom roms

[ROM][CM12.1][MEIZU PRO5][M86] CyanogenMod12.1 AICP UNOFFICIAL
[ROM][6.0.1][MEIZU PRO5][M86][20160829] ResurrectionRemix v5.7.3 UNOFFICIAL
[ROM][7.1.1][MEIZU PRO5][20161208] crDroid v.1.4 UNOFFICIAL

7.1.1. is the faster rom (meizu pro 5 will look like a flagship with snapdragon 820), but games will not run, also some battery drain, but this depends from person to person

cm12.1 ( android 5.1.1) and resurectionremix ( android 6.0) are ok roms

you have to try them and see what problems you have, but this 2 are pretty stable

@eheheh Thank you very much for your help. I’ve been using Flyme since I bought Pro 5. I have the A version, I used a tutorial I found here to be able to install the G version, but I feel doubt about “converting” the phone to the international version (changing the region ID and unlocking the bootloader) because I see the A version has way more updates (I never use the A version) but this way I feel I have to options: using the A or the G version, and if I fully change the device I think I would only have one choice.

Could you please give me some advice?


if you feel ok with A rom stay there, some people even says that A rom have better battery life than G rom

i don´t like very much A rom and i don´t like flyme at all, but if i have to decide i use G rom because it´s more clean than A rom

about converting it´s a easy process, i´m a little noob and i follow the tutorials in xda with no problems

right now i have twrp and i prefer to install roms from there and make full wipes, only “problem” is that the phone will power on when it´s off and you put it to charge it

and everytime i flash a flyme rom, after that i flash 2 files to keep bootlock unlocked + keep the twrp

@eheheh Thanks for all the help. I am new at this (at least with Meizu). I have flashed from tablets / phones from other companies (LG, Sony, Asus, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and some others) but it is always a new experience to learn. I also hate Meizu, when I decided to buy it, it was because I saw some reviews and articules online, saying it was the best option.

Anyway again, thank you for all the explaining

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