Headset Bluetooth BH-503

I have some problem with headset bluetooth, the model is BH-503 (nokia 503 compatible).
The headset work great in my macbook air, xbox360, and other bluetooth device, but in my MX3 with the lastest firmware test, the audio interrupt every 2-3 second!!!
There are any solution?

Maybe it’s a firmware bug. I also have problems connecting my Sony SmartBand via Bluetooth.

Meizu bluetooth is horrible. Its not your bluetooth device.

Barely can go 10 feet without distortion. My galaxy note 3, i could walk around my huge store through walls without issue.

I use one of the lg tones.

Agree with the above person… the bluetooth is not the best, also it tends do disconnect media and still remain connected as Phone…
This issue comes very often when I connect it to my Volvo XC60 Music System by bluetooth. The system has Media and Phone, once I park my car and then get back in and the phone still in my car ( so the bluetooth is still turned on, on my phone), I turn my car on and music starts playing from the phone speakers, I can still make phone calls and stuff like that. So I need to manually turn bluetooth off and then back on, and that doesnt always do the trick :/

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