Bluetooth speaker pairing stopped working


I have an issue with my newly bought UE Boom 2. Yesterday I could connect my phone to it with no problem. Today I tried again and it will show up:

Pairing failed. Incorrect PIN or passkey, please try again.

It should be a problem with my Meizu MX4, since I can connect my laptop to the speaker. I also did a factory reset on the speakers. But it still doesn’t work.

I have an idea, that maybe some wrong settings are saved in the Bluetooth config file. But problem is, I can’t find the file. It is not in /data/misc/Bluedroid. And nothing could be found with the ES Explorer search function, too. I also deleted Cache of Bluetooth.apk and BluetoothShare.apk. But all this didn’t worked at all.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem or knows where the Bluetooth config file is located or how to reset Bluetooth settings?

Thanks a lot.


Sounds like a classical issue with Flyme.
Are you using Flyme 4 or 5 (please give us your exact firmware version)?

Thanks for the reply!

Really? Is there another thread with a solution?

My Flyme Version ist, I updated from 5.1.11A in hope it will work with the newest version

Meizu Pro 6

@Yang-An I had the same problem with my MX4 and certain Bluetooth devices. With some Bluetooth devices, there were no problems and with others I got the same error as you mentioned.

I only had this problem with the Lollipop based firmwares. When downgrading to KitKat based Flyme firmware, there was no problem.

My (not so elegant) workaround was to downgrade from Lollipop to KitKat. Then I would pair the phone with my Bluetooth devices and then upgrade again to latest Lollipop firmware WITHOUT clearing data. That way the Bluetooth pairing would continue working on the latest firmware. However, sometimes the phone would lose the pairing and I would have to repeat the process :/

In the end, I upgraded to Pro 6 and luckily there are no pairing problems with this phone.

Hm, this workaround is a lot of work, since I have to backup so much stuff. I don’t think it is worth it for me. But thanks again for the reply!

I am wondering if it is possible to reset the bluetooth settings somehow. I mean it should definitely be possible, I just don’t know where the file with the saved data/PIN is. Because it was working the first day perfectly. So just bringing the bluetooth only back to that state should be enough.

Please it’s technical issues of other company Bluetooth Speaker Also. don’t worry just replace and take new product. all company replace of there product if any technical problem arrived.

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