Flyme OS daily (Pro 5)
Meizu Pro 5

Removed IMEI checks, recovery and bootloader …
Not final, only beta
NEEDS TWRP or FlashFire to flash

  • daily build
    – Not international but has english
    – Many chinese apps
    – Some untranslated strings
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Hey !
Can you write a full tutorial for a an unrooted Pro 5 to go from flyme to this version ?
Like how to root it (I guess flyme account + root in the security options)
How to install Flashfire (so you need SuperSU, but do you need an unlocked bootloader ? If yes how to unlock it ? )
What options to choose in Flashfire ?

Thank you very much !

OK, never mind, I achieved to do it, and even from the version:
It took me like 6h to achieve to do it without unlocking the bootloader (cause previously, I thought it was mandatory :/ )

here’s how to do it folks:
That said, you need a rooted phone, and you don’t need any computer here’s how to do the whole thing:

  1. Root your phone in the fingerprint/security menu (and reboot phone) : DONE ! you just have to tick “yes” after a loooooong text and it’s done, not so hard ^^ )

Then to install flyme 6 (this version ofc) :

  1. Install SuperSU from the Google play store (and reboot phone)

  2. Install flashfire from the same store , allow root access

  3. Now choose these options and no more ! : add flash zip/ota and select the : Tick everything in the options !!! (auto mount and mout/write/read blablabla…)

  4. In flashfire (again), add a wipe option and select 3 of them : cache partition, system data, and dalvik cache. ONLY THESE !

So OK, you will lose your contacts, but not your pictures, music… only your personal info will be lost , but if you backed it up using the official option (in settings, backup), you can have everything back once flyme 6 is installed.
Make sure you flash first, and wipe next.

Here you go, you flash it and have flyme 6 on your PRO 5 ! :D

I had to do this tutorial, for it took me so much time, at least it will help any newbies (like I was 2 hours ago ^^) owning a Pro 5 !

PM me if you encounter any problems ;)

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Meizu Pro 5

@DarkLinkTP Apart Flashfire (that i’m no using), rooting, unlocking bootloader, changing id, and even installing TWRP are already part of the forum.
Better to use the existing threads (and search) than creating a so already done subjet ?

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@Kikounet95 Yes you’re right…
However this time you don’t need an unlocked bootloader, nor TWRP, nor the ID changing thing :)
A rooted phone is enough, and that’s awesome ! Thank you again !!!

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i installed the last rom from meizufans, Flyme OS daily (Pro 5)

this is the last time i buy a meizu device, i will sell my pro 5 and buy a one plus 3

flyme 6 is almost the same like flyme 5, no major diferences



flyme is so BAD system that even oficial meizu developers are with problems to make update to 6.0 or nougat

meizu never again

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good things:
finally youtube links open in youtube
security app is better and more easy
maye sound is more louder
maybe the flyme is a little faster

still same bugs:

pictures donwloaded dont appear in gallery
flash always desactivated

Meizu Pro 5

@eheheh honestly… Do you really think a beta version could be perfect?
In my opinion I don’t care having the latest nougat (xposed is still unreleased) or marshmallow… What features does provide upper Android that is a “must” to have? None…

I don’t have major issues and phone can be used every day.
Still thinking beta is very stable!
My pro 5 is probably the best ratio/price quality I found after a year… Don’t expect Samsung or others to provide a new version once a week… Meizu does…

I’m affiliated to Meizu just to clarify

i love the pro 5 hardware, unfortonally lof of older bugs from flyme 4.5 and flyme 5 still exist in flyme 6

of course i can use it daily driver, but this is too much similar to flyme 5, and i still think it doesnt take advantage of pro 5 hardware

i had a mi5 for few days and it was so fast and smooth, not because of a snapdragon 820 but because miui this time make a nice job and have nices updates


fuck off meizu

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Do i have to install the last A stable firmware or i can do it with the last G stable?

Meizu Pro 5

@Damiano22 it does not matter (this is a A build) … but you need to wipe data by the way

@Damiano22 said in Flyme OS daily (Pro 5):

Do i have to install the last A stable firmware or i can do it with the last G stable?

I use it succesfully starting from last stable G

@DarkLinkTP I worked perfectly! Well done!

Good Morning

I make the steps described here, but can´t install the rom, I always come back to flyme 5 …

@brucar said in Flyme OS daily (Pro 5):

Good Morning

I make the steps described here, but can´t install the rom, I always come back to flyme 5 …

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