Cannot log in to Meizu account - Pin Code issue

Hey Guys,
Hope that someone can help me or point me in the right direction as I’m kind of stumped.

A friend of mine has bought a Meizu MX5 and has asked me to take a look at it for him, currently it has a China firmware on it, and it will not fully install the Google apps using the installer off the store.

Not a problem, just root it and flash the Global rom Yeah??

The issue is that I cannot root it, as it hasn’t got all of the options showing in the settings menu, when I try to create or log in to a Meizu account I cannot enter any details (The account screen seems to be locked)

When I booted in to recovery I was then faced with a pin code request, but my friend says the phone doesn’t have a pin code.

Does anyone have any ideas, what the frack is going on with this handset?


There are two options.

Option 1:
The device is refurbished/used. This happens quite often and often the former owner remained still logged in.
As it cannot be known for sure whether or not the device was stolen or this happened by accident we cannot really help with it, nor Meizu does.

Solution: Contact seller.

Option 2:
Your friend set a password, Flyme account or comparable before and forgot the details. Maybe share a screenshot with us how exactly the screen looks like and ask him if he did anything with it.

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