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Problems with WLAN
Meizu m1

Hi Meizufans,

I have a problem with the WLAN option. When I put the WLAN “ON” these turn “OFF” automatically. The WLAN doenst works.

I have converted my m1 note firmware “A” in “G” with the tutorial of this forum, and all is OK except this issue. I’m G firmware version. After installing WLAN works “OK” but In two days it starts to fail. I have installed the update with “erase all user data” option.

Any idea to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!!!.

Edited: In and dont appear this problem.

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Most likely its an issue with the G firmware itself. Especially and are known to be buggy.

Meizu m1

OK Rey. I have read in the Meizu forum of Spain that this issue is solved in G firmware but really it’s not true (or the problem has been reproduced in later versions). Anyway I have resolved partially this problem (for those user witch have the same problem): Thinking about what tasks I have do the day of start the problem, I have remembered that I have configured an “hidden” SSID wifi network. I have “forget” this network and, for that moment the WLAN works perfectly.

For turn “ON” de WLAN to be able to perform the “forget”, I have put “on” the flight mode and then I was able to enable the WLAN.

Thanks for you answer,…

Sorry for my “poor” English.

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